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As the leading manufacturer for vault doors, strong room doors, gun safes, and high security vaults, Falcon Safe has been involved in many notable projects for our clients in Malaysia. Our top level servicing and maintenance works for everything security related includes relocations, installations, safe customizations, upgrades and more. Thanks to our team of well trained experts and specialists, we are able to fulfill various client requests and customization requirements for their security problems. Through the many completed projects, we have gained positive testimony towards our product quality and price competitiveness and have remained as the best security solution provider for bank institutions, fire proofing, F&B retails, jewellery establishments, government agencies, and so on.

Have a project in need of high-level security solutions? Falcon Safe promises to deliver the best service, prices, and top-quality products. Contact us today!

Nationwide Projects
Relocation & Installation of Security Vaults

Job Description: Our client requested for a relocation of multiple strong doors and high security vault door products including an installation service at a high risk building. Our reliable team of experts managed to deliver the request and ensured the vault doors and security vaults are installed precisely and securely.

Steel Cabinet Deposit Locker Installation

Job Description: Falcon Safe was engaged by a local bank to perform the installations of our steel cabinet deposit lockers as well as vault doors in multiple branches located nationwide in Malaysia. Our steel cabinet deposit lockers are made with high quality stainless steel which makes it the perfect solution for financial institutions. It provides maximum security over any stored valuables or company assets.

Gun Safe Customisation Project

Job Description: Falcon Safe is one of the best gun safe manufacturers in Malaysia. We were contacted by a local bank to create a customised gun safe for their storage room. Falcon Safe successfully delivered a custom gun safe that fits perfectly within the desired location.

Strong Room Door Installation

Job Description: Falcon Safe’s strong room door is built with multiple layers of high quality steel bars and constructions for maximum security. A well-known local bank contacted Falcon Safe to install a strong room door and anti crowbar door at one of their locations.

Strong Room Door and Mobile Compactor Installation

Job Description: A government agency in Malaysia approached Falcon Safe to install a strong room door and mobile compactor at their building located in Putrajaya. The installation was a success and Falcon Safe’s strong room door was a perfect security solution to ensure a high level of safety and security.

SSM90 Vault Door Installation

Job Description: Falcon Safe provided a vault door installation service for all branches of a well-known local bank in Malaysia. As the leading vault door manufacturer, we were able to complete the given task efficiently. The SSM90 vault doors were successfully installed at all their branch locations. Falcon Safe’s premium vault doors emphasize protection and security and are perfectly suited for financial institutions.

SSM50 Vault Door Installation

Job Description: Another very well-known local bank in Malaysia contacted Falcon Safe for installation of our durable and high security SSM50 vault doors at their branches nationwide. Our team of experts were able to deliver the request without any issues and provided the local bank with our high standard quality fire and burglar resistant vault doors.

Upgrading Keylock for ATM

Job Description: We provide smart safe cash management and upgrades for cash automation solutions for our clients. Falcon Safe performed an upgrade of unique and non-duplicable key locks for ATMs nationwide in Malaysia. This upgrade is part of our cash automation solutions and provides a high level of security to ATMs which prevents burglary or theft.

On-site Installation for ATM Machine

Job Description: As part of Falcon Safe’s cash automation solutions, a local bank engaged Falcon Safe to install multiple ATM machines at high risk zones in Malaysia. Despite the location being a high risk zone, Falcon Safe provided our client with a piece of mind thanks to our high security cash automation solutions that provide maximum security.

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