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Nationwide Projects

Relocation & Installation

Job Description: Strong door high risk building relocation and installation

Local Bank Nationwide

Job Description: Safe deposit locker installation for 22 branches local bank nationwide

BSN Branches

Job Description: Gun rack customization project


Job Description:  Strong door and anti crow bar door installation

SPRM Headquater

Venue: Putrajaya
Job Description: Strong door and mobile compactor installation

Bank Mualamat

Job Description: SSM90 Vault door installation for Bank Mualamat branches

Bank Islam

Job Description: SSM50 Vault door installation for Bank Islam branches

Upgrading Keylock for ATM

Description: Upgrading of Unique and unduplicable keylock for ATM nationwide Malaysia

Bank Rakyat

Description: On-site installation for ATM machine for BANK RAKYAT in high risk zone

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